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September 2017

 TESTIMONIAL:  Tess Ratty– Gearhart Workout Member 
" Gearhart Workout is a great place to be! In all my years of going to GW, it's proven to be an easy, comfortable, well equipped environment for all phases of working out for the young and old (like me)! Roz brings her vast experience and encouragement to everyone, making it fun to be at GW!  A great bonus is NO 'contracts' at GW.

September marks 14 years since I opened the doors to GW. I had a vision, a concept, and dream about what I believed fitness was about. I am happy to say that I feel I was able to attain those goals. It has been exciting, fun, and sometimes challenging but I wouldn't trade the experience and opportunity given to me for anything. I have been blessed by the many members and friends throughout the years who made it all worthwhile and the reason for its existence. I am grateful and appreciative for each and every one of you. I will be leaving the end of September to pursue a new opportunity and life experience in wild open spaces, 2400 acres along with our horses... a giant leap, a new journey where dreams unfold.

It has truly been a privilege and honor to work and be with you all over the past 14 years. As excited as I am for this opportunity I will miss you all. Thank you for all the years.



Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding the future of GW.

Happy Trails....Until we meet again

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."                    ​​                                                                                ~ Cheyenne Proverb

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