Kettlebell Testimonial-  Wally Hamer

“I was looking for a total body workout.  One that includes strength, cardio, and flexibility all wrapped into one workout. I wanted to be challenged but not devastated after every workout. Well, I found a workout that delivers all of those things and in a small amount of time..."

Visiting Portland?Kettlebell classes and private sessions are available with Roz's coach, Senior StrongFirst Instructor Lance Coffel.




GW Member

1 month unlimited $60
or $60 (5 classes)
or $75 (5 classes)
1 month unlimited $45
Required for ALL classes — towel & water, flat sneakers, bare feet, or 5 finger shoes, padded wrist bands optional

Proper use of Kettlebells requires strength, coordination and body awareness. Be safe and learn how to use kettlebells with a kettlebell trained and certified professional. With the recent popularity of kettlebells a lot of people are learning the basics from a DVD, book or youtube. I cringe at some of the instruction I see out there. Before you pick up a Kettlebell I highly recommend, and cannot stress enough the importance and value of getting proper instruction from a Kettlebell certified professional. Have fun and more importantly, BE SAFE!

KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS — Include kettlebells and body weight exercises for a 25-60 minute workout in a personalized setting (groups are kept small), with “tough love” in a positive encouraging group environment.
· proper form — safety
· detailed instruction
· hard work and FUN
· ability to work at your own level

ReserveMake a reservation the day of  the class • space is limited

Get started- schedule a kettlebell workshop with Roz

KETTLEBELL WORKSHOP-  $90 (level 1&2) $60 (level 1) or Start-up Pkg. Level 1&2 workshop plus 1 month unlimited classes $125 (member) $150 (non-member)


Kettlebell workouts are a truly amazing and fun non-traditional workout for any age or level of fitness. No tool does it better! The beauty of kettlebell training is the ability to combine cardio, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility... all in 1 workout! You will get stronger, move better and achieve true functional strength through movement patterns that take you through full ranges of motion safely, and with the appropriate balance of hi-intensity and recovery. It takes a strong spirit and

attention to detail. Build a foundation, learn the art of kettlebelling in a safe and effective manner under the guidance and teachings of Roz Kelly a certified STRONG FIRST Russian Kettlebell Instructor.