Making a RESERVATION for Class

You may reserve a spot for the cycle classes at the beginning of each week on Monday.  We highly recommend making reservations for the Saturday cycle class. Please email to reserve.

To view and print the SEPTEMBER class schedule.


Group Fitness

Gearhart Workout's group fitness program offers a wide variety of safe and effective workouts for all fitness levels. We teach principles of alignment, body awareness and modifications allowing the student to feel safe,confident, challenged and successful. View our group fitness schedule to see the menu of classes. It is important to notify your instructor of any limitations or health concerns you may have. Please listen to the instructor, do not do 'your own thing'. We have a few rules in class, your time is valuable, NO cell phones "ON" during class,  GW classes are a cell phone free zone. NO strong scented lotions or perfumes (respect for the scent sensitive ). BRING water and a towel.

Testimonial- Jim Morrisey

"Do you remember the movie The Matrix? Keanu Reeves was confronted with the truth, he could keep living his same life, or take the colored pill, in which case he would face reality.

When considering losing weight and and seeking true health and fitness the truth is there is NO "magic pill". Yes you can raise your metabolism, and may lose some weight by taking diet pills etc. but at what cost to your health? The pill of truth, if you choose to take it, is called discipline and self control. I've lost 35lbs!! I no longer have high blood sugar, my blood pressure is stabilizing, plus I have a lot more energy!.
The pill is less bitter if:

  1. You join a health club, I chose Gearhart Workout, thus creating a sense of commitment and belonging.
  2. Have a well trained fitness coach who will train you and motivate you with cutting edge fitness programs, and who will challenge you to do your best!
  3. Eat, drink properly and rest accordingly.

If your goal is for a better life physically, mentally, and spiritually join Gearhart Workout and Roz will help you achieve your personal goals. - Jim